Sunday, February 25, 2007

Day 3

Yesterday was exciting. I went to my first(and probably my last) crawfish boil. I wasn't sure how I would do with it. I made up my mind before getting here that no matter how gross it seemed, I was going to eat one of them. I almost went back on my word when I got there and saw the live crawfish. I sucked it up like a champ, and ate one. Actually, it was pretty good. I ended up eating a few more, just for the fun of it.
We ended up going on one of the haunted tours last night. It was pretty cool. You got quite the history lesson and learned stories behind a lot of the old buildings in the area. We couldn't have too late of a night because Selena, my brother's girlfriend, had to work early this morning. We stayed on Bourbon St for a few hours though and got our drink on and went shopping for lingerie. I don't think anyone bought any, but I could be mistaken.
I did make a big purchase last night. I bought a lighter for $80. Before you judge me for it, they were asking for $125, but my sister being the heckler she is, got them to come down to $80. It also has a memory card on it, so I can use it with my digital camera. I've been needing a memory card for a long time, so this purchase was actually perfect for me. Hopefully I won't lose it in a bar as soon as I get home.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Orleans, Part 2

I'm so tired, I don't feel like updating. For the sake of my faithful readers, I'm willing to write a quick post.
I rode in a taxi for the first time in my life today. I went on a swamp tour, and pretended to be married to my sister. Again, too tired to get into details. I'll have a great post when I actually get home. Until then, I'm going to a crawfish boil tomorrow. Not too sure how I feel about that yet. Goodnight to everyone.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Missed Flights, Richard Simmons, and Bourbon St; New Orleans, Part 1

Yes, I made it safely to NOLA. I've been having an amazing time, but it was difficult to get here. I checked the weather reports earlier in the week. It looked like Michigan was warming up, so there would be no problems with getting off on time. What I didn't realize, was the warmer weather would bring fog. Our flight was delayed for over an hour.
That delay wouldn't have been too big of a problem, other then we didn't really have much time to make our connecting flight in Memphis. Needless to say, we missed our flight. We had a wonderful time in the Memphis airport, which smells like a combination of barbecue and public toilets. Thank god for airport bars. When we got off our flight, we ran to our terminal to see if we could still make our flight, and who should be running alongside us, but fitness guru, Richard Simmons. Yes, he was in the airport, complaining of the smells while wearing his black spandex shorts and a red bathrobe.
Five hours later, we got on a plane that took us to New Orleans. Today was incredible. We went with my jackass of a brother to his job, so that we would be in the downtown area. From there, we had breakfast at a local restaurant that is famous for its food, but the name escapes me at the moment. The aquarium was our next stop. Of course, we ended up on Bourbon St at 11 this morning.
I love this city. No laws against open containers, strip clubs all over, and above all else, warm weather. I can't wait to see what the next few days have in store for us.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I'm About to be Done With This

The new blogger is getting on my last nerve. Every time I try to do something, it tells me to sign in with my google account. I've signed in 3 times now. I'm about to quit. I tried to leave a comment on Amanda's blog, and it wouldn't let me because I hadn't activated my account through my email. I went to do it, and the url they gave me had expired, so they had to send me a new one. Now, I'm just tired of being online, so I'm not leaving comments.
In other news, happy fat Tuesday to everyone. So far, I've eaten a salad today. Not really the whole experience that today is supposed to bring. I'll likely be taking a hiatus from my blog for the next few days. I'm going across state tonight to see Josh Groban in concert, and tomorrow, I'll be down in New Orleans. Say a prayer for MJ and me tomorrow at about noon our time. I hate to fly, and have been nervous about it since yesterday.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

What the F?

I'm not sure what's going on tonight, but I'm getting pissed. I got online to write a post about how much I love Clint Eastwood. I decided to check my myspace first, got frustrated, came here, and now am all out pissed off. Three posts in one, here we go.
Clint Eastwood; loved his direction/acting in Million Dollar Baby. It's one of my favorite movies of all time. Perhaps because my twin stars in it, I'm not sure. He just has this amazing ability to direct a story and make it seem personal to the viewer.
I rented Flags of our Fathers tonight. It sounded interesting, so why not? I had no idea he directed it until the credits ran at the end. I don't always like war movies, but this one touched me(in a non-sexual way) and made me an emotional mess by the end. Kudos to my new favorite director.
Topic number two is myspace. This actually started last night when I tried to log on. I'm not sure if it's my computer, or myspace itself that is the problem. When I log on, it won't let me get to my homepage. I can search for myself after logging in and then view my profile, find a friend, go to their page, and then send a message. I can't however, get to my homepage to see if I have any new messages, friend requests, bulletins, or profile views. It's killing me having to use all these extra steps to check my mail, etc. Is anyone else having this problem?
My last topic tonight deals with good old blogger. I tried to log in tonight in order to make this new post, and it wouldn't let me unless I updated my account. Obviously, I went through the process, or I wouldn't be able to entertain all of you with this post. I'm worried that I'm going to lose all my previous posts and/or not be able to post comments on other people's blogs anymore. I need a vacation, life is stressing me too much. Then I remember, I'm going on va-cay to New Orleans in 3 days.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stupid Holidays

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone who still reads my blog. I hate this holiday more then anything. It's such a commercial holiday that tries to get people to buy cards and flowers. The marketing genius of Hallmark.
Actually, I would like Valentine's Day a lot more, but it just reminds me of how depressing my life is. Alone, but now the world needs to rub it in...I'm actually very light hearted as I write this, I realize that this probably sounds serious, but it isn't.
Life wasn't always this way. A few years ago, I had a stand in Valentine's Day date. Amanda and I shared a few Feb 14ths together, but alas, she has gone and gotten herself engaged. I need someone to fill the void. Does anyone out there want to be my Valentine? It's only a one day a year obligation(I give good presents).

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I did a little bit of modeling tonight. Not really. They needed publicity shots for Cabaret, so I got to partake in them.
I got dressed as a Nazi, and had my picture taken in a couple of different poses. I was told that I would be photoshopped into a bunch of Nazi men. I'm not really sure how I feel about that. It was uncomfortable enough to have my picture taken with my hand doing the Nazi salute. Having that turned into hundreds of images of me doing that just doesn't sit well with me. I know that if I ever become famous, these pictures are going to resurface, and ruin my career. That things I do for art.
In completely unrelated news, my hand is getting worse. The pain is intensifying with every minute. I'm wondering if I should go to the emergency room for it. I couldn't sleep last night because of it. I think I'll wait to see if it feels any better in the morning, and them make a decision based on that.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Thumbs Down

I'm in severe pain right now. Last week, I tried to pick something up, and it poked me under my fingernail. It hurt when it happened, but I didn't think it was going to be a big deal. It started to bruise, and the last 2 days, my thumb has started to swell.
If you've never had swelling under a fingernail, count yourself lucky. The pain goes all the way down my wrist. My entire thumb is swollen right now. It feel like my nail is going to pop off at any second, which would be great, because it would relieve the pressure.
I would write a longer post, but it hurts my thumb every time I hit the spacebar, so I can't. Everyone say a prayer for my thumb tonight. Hopefully the swelling will go down, and I'll be fully functional in the next few days.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I did it tonight. I got engaged! I know most of you are thinking, I didn't even know you were dating anyone. Well, I'm not. Actually, I didn't really get engaged. I made a pact with one of my friends.
We decided that if we weren't married by the time we were 28, we would get married to eachother. Actually, Shannon wanted it to be 30, but I told her I already have a the same arrangement with one of my friends from high school from when we turn 29. We had to do some quick math, and 28 is what we came up with.
Start planning for the wedding of the century. Only 3 years to build up your alcohol tolerance. Our wedding is going to be off the hook.