Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Screw People

More often then not, I love my job. Sometimes I get fed up with dealing with people, and want to tell them how I feel because they're so stupid. Today, I had to deal with something I've never had to deal with before, and hoped to never have to deal with; dog fighting.
For the most part, I try to see the good in people. I may come across as stuck up and calloused, but for the most part, I like people. However, there are certain situations that make me sick to my stomach and make me wonder what the hell is going on in people's sick, twisted minds to inflict pain and suffering on others to the extent that they do.
My day was going along normally, when we got a phone call from someone saying they had just picked up a dog from the bad part of town that they thought was hit by a car. Under no circumstances do I want people to think that the man who brought the dog in was somehow involved in anything that happened. He happened to be in the area, and came across a dog that was in a bad situation.
As soon as the dog got to us, it was obvious that he was used in fights, most likely as the bait dog, and the owners didn't want to use him anymore because he was so badly injured. I've seen a lot of horrible things with animals in the past, but nothing as bad as how this dog looked when he came in. I almost threw up when I saw him because I knew what had happened, and felt so bad for him.
We did what we could to make it comfortable before I called 911. I knew it was pointless to call, but part of me hoped that possibly, someone would have enough of a heart to at the very least go to the area he had been picked up from to investigate. The dispatcher was symapthetic and put a page into animal control telling them to call me, since it was after hours. She sounded like she really cared, and hoped to do as much as she could too. Turns out, animal control doesn't care. The dog didn't make it, and no one has to suffer any consequences for it.
Fuck that. I considered calling the news station to let them know how I felt about our laws that do absolutly nothing to protect those who don't have voices. I knew it would probably result in me losing my job, but still feel like I should do it. I know that even if the police did investigate, nothing would come of it. The dog had no identification on him, was likely dumped in an area far from where the owners live, and if by some odd twist of fate, they were caught, they wouldn't spend time in jail because jails are overcrowded with worse offenders.
What has come of the world today? Michael Vic...or whatever the hell that assholes name is, is still considered a hero because he's a celebrity. People excuse him because that's they way he was brought up, and cruelty to animals still exists because people can make bets on them and make money. My hope is that every person who ever has taken part in either raising a dog for fighting, or gone to a dog fight, some day has the dog turn on them, and attack them. I've had more then my fair share of dog attacks, and let me tell you, they suck. I just hope that when these dogs do turn on the assholes that feed off of this kind of bullshit, they go for the jugulars, and their family and friends give them the same kind of compassion they give to their dogs, and leave them bleeding on the side of the road. Karma's a bitch.


At 6:14 AM, Blogger amandarama said...

Why don't you send this letter (maybe without so many eff-words) to your local newspaper? You don't have to say where you work, although you will have to give your name.
Good work. I think you're going to Heaven.


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