Monday, November 26, 2007

My Obvious Eating Disorder

I'm thin, and I can't help it. Anyone who has seen me eat, knows that I can put away food like no other. I just can't gain weight. Perhaps I have worms, I don't know. What has really been bothering me a lot lately is the amount of comments I've been getting from people about how they're concerned I'm anorexic.
Mind you, I haven't been loosing weight, if anything, I've gained some, but for some reason, the last year or so, I've got a lot of comments from a lot of different people saying they're concerned about me being anorexic. I've had enough people comment on it that I myself got concerned that maybe I do have an eating disorder and didn't realize it. So, I did what any responsible person would do, and started counting my calories to make sure I am eating enough. Turns out that a typical day for me consists of anywhere from 2500-3000 calories. Like I said, I can eat a lot.
Part of the problem is that I don't even try to defend myself anymore when someone accuses me of it. People already have their mind made up about it, so let them think what they want.
Last night, while I was eating, someone told me he thinks I'm anorexic. Right, because I'm holding a plate loaded with food, obviously I am. I don't understand the double standard here. I would never tell someone they're fat, but it's okay to accuse someone of having a disease that could be life threatening. Plus, I don't think I look anorexic. Yeah, I'm skinny, but I'm not that skinny that I would think people would think I don't eat. Maybe I am though and should start eating Crisco in hopes of putting on some weight. More likely though, I'm just not going to worry about it and bitch slap the next person who asks me about my eating disorder.


At 1:19 PM, Blogger Frannie Farmer said...

I get it!
It amazes me how people will openly ask me if I am anorexic and tell me that they are worried that I have lost too much weight.
It has been 2 years and I have lost about 90 pounds. 2 years! I think that is a slow, steady weight loss. I am always tempted to say "why weren't you worried when I was roughly 100 pounds over weight?" I am healthy now. have a decent BMI (check yours, that might make you feel better) and energy that I haven't had in a decade.
IGNORE THEM! They will always find something to point out.

and Yikes - 2500-3000 calories. Dang your great motabolism (sp?)

At 2:23 PM, Blogger amandarama said...

seriously, the boy eats like a horse. and he drinks milk ALL THE TIME. there is nothing wrong with him. i like my stalkers skinny - makes it easier for me to crush them.


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