Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Goodbye Ki-Ki

I'm distraught. My hometown American Idol, LaKisha was voted off tonight. Lakisha hails from Flint, MI. For those not familiar with Michigan geography, Flint is a mere 20 miles from my house. Lakisha is, for all practical purposes of this post, my neighbor.
I loved her and wanted her to win. Not only because she's my quasi neighbor, but also because she has talent, and always seems so grounded. Another reason, Flint has nothing going for it, and she gave them hope.
Flint is a run down city with many problems. It's on the verge of economic collapse and has the highest per capita murder rate in the country. 2007 has been kind to Flint though. Will Farrel just finished filming a movie there this week, and they could take pride in their hometown Idol.
Like I said, filming of the movie is complete, and Ki-Ki no longer is in the public eye. Poor Flint. I guess they'll just have to continue making news the old fashioned way; murders, drug busts, and arson. God love that town.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

No Worries

Despite the fact that I haven't updated in almost a month, I am still alive and well. Actually, I've tried to update a few times in the last couple weeks, but my posts won't show up. I'm not really sure why. I guess it hasn't been too big of a deal as my life has been fairly unexciting lately. You haven't really missed out on any good stories. My hope is that this post will actually show up. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
I'm been in an odd mood lately. I'm the type of person who doesn't feel the need to date someone to have a complete life. That's good, considering not many people would want to date me. For the last couple of weeks though, I've been feeling really clingy and that I want a relationship. What's really weird is that I don't even want a relationship so that I feel loved, I just want someone that I can love. It's really odd.
I feel like I'm going through some sort of mid-life crisis because of it. Does anyone else ever feel this way, or am I alone on this one?