Friday, April 13, 2007


Tomorrow is my niece's birthday party. Last year, I took her to see the live action Dora the Explorer. Not exactly my idea of fun, but she loved it. I found out that Clifford, the big red dog will be coming to the area soon, so I decided to get her tickets to see that this year. I wanted her to have something to open at the party, since last year she didn't quite understand what I was giving her. I went to Barnes and Noble to get her a Clifford book.
I'm somewhat of a regular there. I felt kind of stupid buying a children's book. When I went to check out, the man behind the counter looked at me like maybe I should be buying something a little more age appropriate. Normally, they ask me if I have their book club membership card...or something like that, I'm not sure what it's called. He didn't ask me if I had one today, and didn't ask if I wanted to get one. I think he assumed that since my reading is limited to children's books, I obviously don't buy books often. Maybe I like stories about big red dogs. Leave me alone.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pussy Patrol

My boss is spending the week in San Fransisco/Diego/Fernando...some Californian city that starts with the word San for the week. I was conned into watching her cats. I was never actually asked if I could do it, I was volunteered. Normally, watching someone's cats isn't too big of a deal, they are pretty self-sufficient, but hers are different.
There are the two cats who are completely normal, and not a big deal to take care of. The problem is the other 3 that I'm watching. When she got married almost 2 years ago, I watched her cats when she went on her honeymoon. I actually lived at her house for a week because she wanted someone there to play with them and keep them company. In the week that I was there, there was one cat whom I saw only once, and that was as he ran from the room I walked into. I've yet to see this cat since I started feeding them on Saturday. I'm always worried that he somehow managed to sneak outside when I was leaving and I would have no idea about it.
In addition to that cat, there is the 20+ year old cat, who doesn't drink enough water. In order to keep this one from getting dehydrated and dieing, I have to give him a special cat milk every morning. He will take a few drinks from it and then walk away. This morning, I couldn't find him at all, so I had to leave the milk out for him when I went to work. The milk goes bad after it's been sitting out for awhile, so I sincerely hoped he started to drink it as soon as I left and will continue to be healthy for at least a week after she gets home so it won't be my fault if something goes wrong with him.
The last cat is diabetic. He needs insulin twice a day. Giving an insulin shot isn't a big deal for me. I'm trained in that field. The problem is when he doesn't eat. Each day, he's been eating less and less. I'm supposed to continue giving the same amount of insulin though. I think he actually is eating, it's just that he eats the other cat's food, and not the food he's supposed to be eating. His glucose levels are going to be so screwed up when she gets home. I think I'm going to bring him into work tomorrow to check his levels before she gets home so there isn't an issue.
I can't wait for Saturday, when she gets home, and the cats aren't my responsibility anymore. The only problem is, I'm not really sure if she's coming home on Saturday. I think that's what she told me, but I wasn't really paying attention. I sure hope so though. I want to go out Saturday night. I don't feel like being sober so I can take care of the cats.