Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tale as old as time

I'm not sure why, but when I found out that our community theatre was doing Beauty and the Beast this year, I got excited. Truthfully, it's a horrible show, but it's one that I've always wanted to do. I remember when I was little and the movie first came out singing along to the songs thinking how amazing it would be if I one day got the opportunity to preform them.
I auditioned on Wed night for the show. I've been insanely busy for the last few months, and didn't really have time to prepare an audition song. I figured that I would sing a song from the show, that I had only heard once before. I also figured that 2 hours would be more then enough time to learn and memorize a song. I also picked a song that is too low for my range. Do you see how I was setting myself up for failure?
I got to the theatre, and couldn't for the life of me memorize my song. It wasn't that the words are difficult, but my brain is kind of on overdrive lately. I had been memorizing the lines for the show that I'm doing right now all week long, and was stressed, which made it more difficult for me.
When my time came to sing, I appologized for not being memorized and said I needed to have the words with me. I figured they would let it slide because they knew I was doing another show and hadn't had time to sit and memorize. I also figured I would blow them away with my voice and it wouldn't matter.
Well, they didn't mind that I had to read the words, they did mind that I couldn't hit the low notes and that I couldn't find the melody. I had never been so embarrased in my life as I was trying to sing that song. When I was done singing, I appologized to the director, music director, and everyone in the audience for having to listen to that. They laughed but then looked at eachother like, thank God he's done.
Up next? Dance auditions. I can't dance to save my life. I'm not really sure how I've ever been cast in a musical before because my dancing is that bad. I sometimes think it looks like I'm having a seizure when I try to dance. Luckily for me, while we were doing the dance for the director, someone behind me fell and skidded across the stage. That distracted the director, and I don't think he really paid any attention to how bad my dancing was.
By this point, I knew it was pointless for me to continue trying to get a part. We began to read lines from the show. I really didn't put too much into it because I knew I wasn't going to get cast.
Fast forward to yesterday. I'm sitting at home, and got a phone call. It was from the theatre asking me to come back for a call back. Now, I've had some bad auditions in my day, but this one took the prize for most embarassing. I have no idea why they want to see me back. Perhaps because they just felt so bad for me. It's not like the director knows my abilities that well. I've never worked with him before. I guess I owe someone some sexual favors.