Saturday, October 28, 2006


I'm so pissed right now. I had my show tonight, and decided that since I don't work tomorrow or anything, I would go out and have a good time. There was a Halloween party going on just down the road, so I left my car and went to it.
I was walking back to my car, and noticed broken glass around my drivers side door. Some jackass decided to break into my car and steal my CD player. Luckily, I had locked the door, so they smashed my window. It gets better.
Of course, there was glass all over my seat, so as I was cleaning it off, I cut my thumb. I hoped the assholes who did it were still close by and would decide to try to mug me at that point because I would have killed them. No such luck.
After I cleaned off my seat, I remembered that my check book was in the glove compartment. I checked, and it was still in there with all my checks. At least one good thing out of all of this.
Against my better judgment, I decided to drive home. I was about half way home before I even thought that I should have called the police and filed a claim. Not that the CD player is that big of a deal, but I know it's going to cost me a lot of money to get my window fixed. So much for insurance if I didn't file a claim.
Anyhow, after I got in my car, I turned it on and turned on the headlights. The stupid fuckers messed up my lights on my dashboard when they took out my CD player, so I couldn't see how fast I was driving. I was just waiting for a cop to pull me over for speeding the whole way home.
Of course someone wouldn't have the courtesy to break into my car in the summer. I froze the whole way home. I sure do love Saginaw.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Show Time

I have a horrible habit of getting injured when I'm doing shows. I've had a significant injury in about half of the shows that I've been in. I was really proud of myself because Rocky Horror went off with out any problems, and nothing had happened during MacBeth. I guess I was getting a little ahead of myself, because tonight, I got hurt.
Those aren't my legs, by the way.
We were choreographing the sword fight scene at the end of the show. We had run through it a few times, and were going to do it again, just to make sure everyone was comfortable. I begin the scene on a platform that's about 3 feet off the ground. I get pushed off of it, into Paul.
Like I said, we had done it a few times already, and there were no problems. This time, I somehow managed to land on Paul's knee. All of my weight(and there's quite a bit more weight then normal after the way I've been eating the last few weeks) and momentum carried my thigh on my right leg straight into his knee.
I couldn't feel my leg for a good 10 minutes after it happened. I was going to go out tonight, but when I got in my car after rehearsal, my leg started twitching and throbbing. I tried to massage it, but that just gave me shooting pains, so I gave up on that.
I kind of hope my leg swells up and I can't walk so I can get a few days off of work. Wouldn't that be great.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Kids on the Block

I just read an email from my sister that made me laugh. It seems that former New Kids on the Block member, Jordan Knight will be in town on Friday to sign autographs. Why, I'm not sure. I'm kind of disappointed because I'll be at rehearsal, and think it would be so great to get his autograph. Anyone who lives in the area and is free from 7-9 on Friday, head to Kathleen's, I want an autograph. I'm being sarcastic by the way. However, if someone does feel so inclined to do so, I'll Be Loving You(Forever) 'Cause You got It(The Right Stuff). I'm serious, No More Games. Till my next blog, keep Hangin' Tough.


Most people that know me, know that I'm a picky eater. My pickiness(not sure if that is a real word or not) is not limited to food, but to beverages as well. As a rule, I drink only beer, milk, and water. I've just never been one to indulge in coffee and sodas.
The problem is, every now and then, I decide to drink something new. About a week ago, my friend introduced me to a new juice/smoothie, that is really good. On my way to rehearsal tonight, I decided to buy some since I was in the mood for something different.
The problem is, when your body is used to only 3 types of liquids, it doesn't know how to handle anything new. I drank my berry burst smoothie like it was going out of style. An hour later, I didn't feel too well...use your imagination.
The 303 only has one bathroom. I tried my best to wait till rehearsal was done, but gave up when I realized I was not going to make it. I probably should have just waited. See, the toilet wouldn't flush when I was done.
I'm not really sure why I'm writing about this, since it is really gross, but at the same time, it's kind of funny. Anyhow, I could have been absolutely mortified, but instead, I stood in the bathroom laughing. In a situation like that, what else can you do really?
I figured the reason the toilet wasn't flushing was because someone had used it right before me. I figured that if I waited a few minutes, I could go back in there and flush again. No one would know anything had happened. I left the bathroom and prayed that no one would go in there. As far as I know, no one did, and except for everyone reading my blog, no one will ever know what happened.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Eye Sore

My life is filled with self loathing, so it shouldn't come as much of a shock when I decide to write about some aspect of myself that I dislike. However, I will have to say that I hate my eye lashes with a passion, which probably seems strange to most people.
It may seem like an odd thing to be concerned about, but my eyelashes suck. They are long; extremely long actually. I liken them to a horse's eyelashes(go look at a horse if you don't know what I mean). Girl's always tell me they wish they had my eyelashes, which is odd, but I take it in stride.
The thing that I hate about my eyelashes is that some of the upper ones grow downward. People constantly tell me I have an eyelash that has fallen out and is hanging in my eye. Actually, that's just the way they are.
I constantly have lines in my sight because I can see the eyelashes that are hanging in front of my eye. It drives me nuts, but there is nothing I can do. Sometimes, they even scratch my eye.
When I was younger, I would pluck those eyelashes, but it hurt really bad and grossed me out, so I stopped. Then, I bought an eyelash curler in hopes of getting them to go the right way. It didn't work. The lashes that grow upward would curl higher, but the ghetto ones never got into the curler and just got smashed further downward in the process.
I had given up hope until a few months ago, when I was introduced to the magical thing called clear mascara. All my lashes were pointed in the same direction for the first time in my life. I was so happy that I could see clearly and didn't have hair poking my eyes. For a few days, I was on cloud nine. Then, people started to ask me if I was wearing eye makeup. I guess my lashes looked too good. I got embarrassed and haven't used it since.
Does anyone have any good solutions for this? I realize this is a problem I could just live with, but I would rather not have to if I could.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Only In My Life

Once again, I've been neglecting my blog. This past week has kind of sucked. Okay, the last few months in my life have kind of sucked. I'm getting tired of everything that's been going wrong in my life lately. Things seem to be getting better now though. We'll just hope it stays that way. I don't know how much more stress my poor heart can take.
Anyhow, the picture to the left is of my friend Kristyn. She's in a costume for a show she didn't do...long story. I love her to death. A while ago, I let her know I would tutor her in her math class if she needed the help. Mind you, I haven't been in a math class for about 3 years, but I figured I would still remember.
Thursday night, she called me out on my favor I had offered. She called me during the day and told me to be ready to do math at rehearsal that night. Since we're in opposite scenes, we really didn't get to do much together. In response, we did what any normal people would do in this situation. We went to the bar to do math homework. That's right, we were in the middle of a crowded bar trying to figure out how to complete the square and use the quadratic equation.
I don't really think I helped her too much, but it was an experience I'll never forget. People kept asking us if we were really doing math, or if it was just a ploy to be alone. Sadly, we really were doing math.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Make Me Stop

I just got home from Detroit. Yes, Detroit, land of the Pistons, Tigers, and one of the highest murder rates in the country. Actually, I wasn't really IN Detroit, I went to the airport. Lisa was in New York for the weekend, and I picked her up.
We were having a nice drive back, belting out songs from Footloose, because we're cool like that, when the conversation took a serious turn. She asked me how things were going, and out of nowhere, I just unleashed everything I've been holding in for the last few weeks.
I was supposed to go to New York with her, but because of work, and other things, I couldn't. I was really disappointed in it, especially since I've been feeling like my life is just one big responsibility lately.
As I vented about how overwhelmed I feel with everything that I've been doing lately, I also started to tell her about my fears that things were going to start to affect my personal life too. How long can you go without seeing someone before they take it personally and get bored? I appologized for being the downer in the car, and told her I was done complaining. I wasn't though. For about 2 seconds, there was an awkward silence before I started in on it again.
Lisa took it like a champ, and before we knew it, we were back to singing along with the CD.
Once I voiced my concerns though, I couldn't get them out of my head. I feel like I need to make some changes. Every morning, I wake up and am already overwhelmed by the amount of things I have to do during that day. It seems like an endless cycle, and I'm stressed beyond belief about it. Perhaps I will take a week off of work, and everything else that I have going on, and hide out in bed. Of course, that will never happen. I just need time to do things that I want to do, and be with people I want to be with.